Digital Health


Todd is the co-founder, Chief Technology Officer for and Head of Product Management for digital health platform incentaHEALTH.  Todd leads the product and technology strategy for health software platforms for obesity and type 2 diabetes prevention.  Learn more at

Consumer Packaged Goods

Humble Health Foods

Todd is founder of Humble Health Foods, the creator of Todd's Power Oats.  This consumer health food product is the industry's first high protein overnight oatmeal, with over 30 grams of protein is each bowl.  Todd's Power Oats delivers a uniquely healthy breakfast option to the health-conscious consumer.  Visit for more information.

Data Science Analytics

Data Visualization Design

Todd develops insightful analytics systems using Business Intelligence tools such as Tableau to bring data to life.  By creating point-and-click analytics experiences, actionable insights can be created from big data sets.