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Author Archives: Todd

Twin Boys: A new father’s quest for an efficient workout

Three years ago my wife and I were blessed to have twin boys!  They were the love of my life!  Until their little sister came along shortly thereafter.  Now my affection is split among the three of them!  Before having children, I used to just go to the gym for my workouts.  Or go on long … Continue reading »

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Using a treadmill desk to get “free exercise” while working

Today it’s snowing and cold in Denver.  While it’s tempting to use that as reason for not getting some exercise, using a treadmill desk in the office makes it almost as easy as getting outside for a walk.  And in some ways it’s better, since I can easily type, read, talk on the phone and … Continue reading »

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Todd’s Power Oats

  Here’s the recipe for Todd’s Power Oatmeal (and some photos of the assembly line).  This is the “fully loaded” version.  You can trim the calories a bit if needed by skipping the almonds!  Also, the stats below don’t show fiber which is pretty high for a dish like this…   • ½ cup Slow … Continue reading »

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Clever way to prevent mobile phone usage while driving

    This is a neat idea for limiting cell phone use by the driver of a car! Tweet

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Lost your Fitbit? Check the seatbelt!

This is from the “strange but true” file. I am a big fan of the Fitbit. I wear it just about everywhere. And in the 2+ years that I’ve been wearing it I’ve never lost it. Until yesterday. I was coming back from lunch and noticed that it was missing from my pocket where I … Continue reading »

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Dad takes his 5 year old through mountain bike park!

I love seeing how excited this little boy is following his dad thorugh the park! 5 year old follows dad on a mountain bike Tweet

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