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Lost your Fitbit? Check the seatbelt!

Found my lost Fitbit
Posted by on October 11, 2012
Found my lost Fitbit

Found my lost Fitbit

This is from the “strange but true” file. I am a big fan of the Fitbit. I wear it just about everywhere. And in the 2+ years that I’ve been wearing it I’ve never lost it. Until yesterday. I was coming back from lunch and noticed that it was missing from my pocket where I usually clip it (as Fitbit wearers know, you develop a subtle new behavior where you instinctively check for your Fitbit while you’re walking even when you’re not thinking about it!). I looked everywhere and couldn’t find it. I get back in the car to return to the restaurant where I had lunch. As I got into the car I looked down at the seatbelt and found the Fitbit clipped on! When I put the seatbelt on, it must of slipped under the Fitbit and then deviously snagged it onto the belt. Here’s what it looked like!


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