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About Todd McGuire

Technology executive obsessed with creating digital health products that improve lives. Todd has 20+ years experience building software companies and leading agile software development teams through the ideation, technical development, and launch of technology products. Specialist in building and commercializing emerging technologies to solve business challenges and capture market opportunities. Experience in ground-up construction of new business ventures, including business plan development, assembling multi-disciplinary teams, rapid prototyping, product launch, and SaaS product management.

Todd has been awarded patents in the United States and Australia for remote biometric monitoring systems and data visualization technologies.   A graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder, Todd studied Information Systems, Organization Management and Human Resource Management to earn his B.S. degree. Todd is also a Certified Personal Trainer who used to enjoy participating in marathons and triathlons to stay healthy, but now just chases his three young children around as an even more demanding form of exercise.

Todd is the Co-founder, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Product Officer of incentaHEALTH (www.incentaHEALTH.com) where he leads teams through the ideation, technical development, and launch of healthcare technology products.


Specialties: design thinking, human-centered design, new product development, product management, patent development, digital health, scrum master for agile software development, behavioral economics, data science, data analysis, machine learning, big data visualization, health promotion, HIPAA, business process design, contract writing, business plan development, developing budgets, systems design and architecture, requirements definition, writing functional specs, managing remote development teams, recruiting, rapid prototyping, release management, system testing, project management, business development, public event speaking, copy writing, financial modeling, partnership development

Connect with Todd at todd@toddmcguire.com.

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